My life in the freak show

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Jacinda who has just turned six has been bugging me for ages to learn to stitch. I finally gave in. We went to Spotlight & picked up one of those DMC starter kits. It comes with a canvas with a pattern printed on it, wool & a HUGE needle. Jacinda was keen to start straight away, I was feeling a bit scared & told her that Mummy needed a coffee first.

I showed Jacinda how to do the 1st stitch & she just couldnt get the hang of it, she said it felt "yuckky". There was lots of tears (mine), tantrums (mine), & screams of "I cant do this" (mine).

I couldnt work out why she was finding it so difficult. I have involved her in craft for as long as I can remember.Then it came to me. I replaced the wool with DMC, much better. Then I changed the needle ( excellent!) She started going really, really well!

So now the little treasure is calmly sitting down, with My DMC threads & my piecemaker needles & stitching her 1st piece.

Gosh, I hope she does not dicover silks! She is already eyeing off Mirabillia designs.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Well, that sucks!

I warn everyone upfront that this is going to be a whiny, self indulgent post.

What I havent told people is that for the last few months I have been feeling crappy. What I also didnt tell anyone was that I was so scared. I have been feeling unwell for quiet a while now, but passed it off as being a Mum, running around etc. The last month the pain has gotten a lot worse. I was so scared to go to the Doctor. When I finally went to the doctor he ordered some tests, me being me made the appointment & cancelled. After being shouted at ( you know who you are, & being made to promise to go ) I went. The ultrasound reveled enlarged lymph nodes. I left it again ( who has time to go to the doctor, it is school holidays ). I finally went & the doctor ordered some blood tests. I asked him if he need me to have them next month, he looked at me over his glasses & said today or tomorrow & I expect to see you in my office 3 days after the blood has been taken. Believe it or not I actually went back for the results. It appears that I have been tested postive for the Epstien Barr Virus. A yuccky little virus that is transmitted by mosqoitos. Among lots of things Epstein Barr Virus causes is Chronic Fatige Syndrome.

I know that this is not life threatening & there are so many people in the world that have worse than me, but it just sucks. It hurts, & I mean real pain in your muscels. I can handel the being tired crap, but what is pissing me off is my "I cant be bothered to do it" attitude. What sort of Mother cant be bothered to take her kids to the pool 30 meters away? What sort of Mother cant be bothered playing with her children? What sort of Mother resorts to frozen crap to serve for dinner? What sort of Mother cant remember what she did 15 mins ago? What sort of Mother just wants to laze on the couch & occasionally stitch & be left alone?

Told you that this would be a shithouse post.