Saturday, October 07, 2006

What to say,huh?

Ok, I realise that it has been ages since I posted. So much has happened, & life just kinda got in the way. I have received some not so subtle hints about updating, hell, I almost fell over thinking that someone actually read this stuff! Mark has had his 2nd operation in 18 months on his good arm ( lets just say wiping his arse is not my most favorite thing to do. ) Ben & Jacinda still give meaning to the words "freakshow" & yep, my mum in law still lives in the next street. Nikki created this really cool new BB, & boy did that open up a whole can of worms. Got to say I spent more time looking at the computer, shaking my head, than was really healthy. I have learnt that I have restraint, yep, me restraint. A couple of times there, I really had to sit on my hands & not comment with what I really thought. I have become friends with Sooz, I have that girl wiped into shape & getting those UFOs under control ( or so I thought) I find out that my little treasure has gone feral with knitting! I have not given up hope yet, I know that the thought of her finishing all her wips will have her back in the "finishers" club. (Finishes Netts, Finishes!) I have this really funny thought, that some our wonderful Netts is responsable for this defection, but alas, I have no proof. Tomorrow, Mark & I (against our better judgement) have decided to take the kids to the beach for a picnic. I have Tina's daughter here also, so that makes 3 kids & 2 adults ( I am sure i read somewhere that you should never, ever allow kids to out number adults) Anyway, I am sure that I will have something to blog about after this little adventure. On the stitching side, Dragon Dreaming is making some progress & I hope to start Queen mermaid soon, when Sooz comes to her senses & finishes with her knitting!


Blogger Leonie said...

Hi Mel!! Glad to see an update. You are very brave to take the kids to the beach-hope you all survived. I am currently setting up a rotation in the hopes of getting some progress, but need the variety, so hopefully this will work. See you soon

11:13 PM  
Blogger bells said...

Yay! You finally got back to blogging! Hope you guys have fun at the beach! (wish it was warm enough here for us to head to the beach...but alas, winter's on it's way!)...Congrats on getting tons done on Dragon Dreaming! (wish I had your ability to commit...actually I think I need to be committed *teehee*) Keep on posting, my Dear...and I promise I'll keep on reading (and commenting!) Hugs

6:13 PM  

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