Friday, October 20, 2006

The Show...............

Remember how I said we were going to the show on Saturday? Well Ben & jacinda brought home notes from school saying they were having an EXCURSION to the show & they needed parent helpers. Mark & I thought what the hell, we will sign up as parent helpers go to the show, it cant be that hard, right? Wrong............... Mark went with Jacindas class & I went with Bens class ( I even signed Marks mum up as a helper, I thought she would like to see the show) Do you have any idea how hard it is to control 25 kids at a place that sells sugar by the bucket loads & gimmiky little things that kids play with once then break? I swear, i had an out of body experience when the kids went to buy show bags. I was put in charge of 5, 9 year old boys. Doesnt seem like a lot does it? I lost 2 of them & had to go looking for them, told the other 3 to stay right where they were & NOT MOVE, until I found the other 2. Guess what? They moved. This left me feeling the need for a stiff drink & a packet of cigarettes. Mark & I thought that we would keep the kids after the excursion & explore the show ( told you we were parents of the year) Jacinda had to heve a ride on a jumping castle that involved climing about 20 foot & sliding down the slide. She got stuck & scared at the top, so that the poor man coodrinating the ride had to climb up & get her down. I swear there was a crowd of about 10 people watching the outcome. Thought that the kids would like to go & feed the baby animals right? WRONG Jacinda threw so much of a tissy that the man that owned the travelling farm asked Mark or myself to go in because he was frigthened that she was being traumatised. Thought that Ben would like a ride on the dodgem cars. He was keen then Jacionda decided she wanted a go with her Dad. I got that sinking feeling. I HEARD jacinda from the side lines shouting at her brother & another child about not crashing into other people. We were supposed to stay for the fireworks, but just couldnt face the prospect. We went home.

On the other side, Petal took out 1st place & the mini Chatelaine took out 2nd. I hope we dont want to go to the show next year


Blogger Leonie said...

Good grief!! An excursion to the show??? What were you thinking? lol Now you know better-right? Congrats on the wins though. Now go have a bex and a lie down.

1:09 AM  
Blogger HappyStitcher said...

You poor thing - what were you thinking? At least on the upside you took 1st & 2nd place! Congrats...w

12:58 PM  
Blogger Annette said...

Yep it's official. You're nuts.
I'm so proud of you for the wins though....what wonderful news!

4:45 AM  
Blogger bells said...

Sorry to hear that your outing was soooo hectic! Leave the kids behind next
Congrats on your wins! That's such exciting news!

7:37 AM  

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