Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Family Fun Day

The family fun day was almost....well, fun. This is a day that the local club puts on for the members kids. There is face painting, a jumping castle, free lollies, drinks, ice blocks, dinner, chips etc. You will note I said Almost Fun.

They called out the age group for free lollies ( Jacinda had just had her face painted as a butterfly ) She went running out, found out it wasnt her age group, dropped her bottom lip & threatened to go ape shit in the middle of the club.

Ben was found on the jumping castle ( Ben wears glasses ) attempting to belly flop on the castle, glasses & all.

They also had kids Bingo. Jacinda & Ben sussed out the prizes. Jacinda got the shits when she didnt win the 1st game ( she had already chosen her prize) gave me her Bingo tickets & told me she was going out on the jumping castle.

Mark signed himself up for a game of bowls ( including drinking of beer, roll one, drink one) in the sun.

So many times I sat there thinking "bloody hell, I could of brought some stitching"

Marks mum came with us & I told her I had already picked out the Nursing home I was putting her in ( she laughed & didnt believe me...silly fool....).

All in all the kids were high on sugar ( but not tired according to them ) Jacinda was colouring in resting her head on her arm. Ben was running around with a green face ( he wanted to be something from Pokemon) & just think. The Lismore Show offically opens on Thursday.

Guess which Mother of the year is taking the tribe on Saturday??????????


Blogger Leonie said...

Definitely "Mother of the Year"!! Don't you hate it when you have spare time and no stitching??

5:49 PM  

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