My life in the freak show

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

My life in the freak show

My life in the freak show

Yesterday a major breakthrough was made. Ben learned to tie his own shoelaces. They need tightening etc, but there he did it, it was huge. You should of seen the look of pride on his face. I should explain to you that Ben has Aspergers. Aspergers is on the Autism spectrum. So Bens fine & gross motor skills, to be honest, are pretty much crap. But there you have it, at 8 and a half, he has started to tie his own shoelaces. It was one of those rare time that I really honestly saw Ben genuinely smile & look proud. I wish my mind was a camera, I want to click on that beautiful smile & keep it forever, it was one of the rare times where I saw Ben happy. Why didn't I have a camera? I wish I did. But it happened so unexpectedly...Jacinda taught him. My 5 year old daughter achieved what Mark & I have been trying to do for 3 years. She achieved it in 15 minutes. Heads together, watching, learning, practicing. They both came outside where Mark & I were, & Ben came shyly over to me. Mark & I were stunned & thrilled. So stunned & thrilled that Jacinda had to promt us to clap. Yesterday, I was a proud Mother. Yesterday, I cried. While writing this I am crying, but they are tears of pride & joy, they are not tears of sadness or frustration. Yesterday, I was simply a proud Mother.

Monday, February 20, 2006

My life in the freak show

My life in the freak show
Divine Intervention

Ok, so after reading my last post, you can see that I really am out of the running for the Mother of the Year Award. I decided that drastic action needed to be taken, I decided that the kids needed to go to Church. To cut a long story short, Ben will be making his Holy Communion this year. After annoucing my decision, my husband was suddenly "busy". Ok, I thought 2 kids, we are going to Church. How hard can it be? Surely the kids will behave they know that Church is a "special" place. WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ben & Jacinda fought all the way to the service ( e.g "Mum, Ben looked at me" NAH, Mum she looked at me!") I parked the car & the fighting continued & threatened to reach crescendo pitch if I did not take the little "Darlings" in hand.

" Right listen here you two" I hissed in an undertone, so the other parishioners would not see that I could not control my kids " You both need to be quiet, because people are here talking to God & they don't need to hear what heathans you both are!"

Done. They seemed to behave. What I didn't realize was that apparently it was acceptable to recline on the pews in Gods House. I didn't realize that it was acceptable to flash your cool Hi5 knickers in Gods house. I didn't realize that it was acceptable to shit stir your sibling in Gods House. Jacinda then decided to go one better while the priest was preparing communion & say at the top of her lungs " Errrrrrrrrrr, they are all drinking out of the same cup & sharing germs!". Before communion was offered, the priest came over & gave both the children a special blessing & laid a comforting hand on my shoulder. I high tailed it out of there as quick as I could & one dear old lady came up to me & said "Weren't they good kids during mass" Go figure.............

Monday, February 13, 2006

My life in the freak show

My life in the freak show

I Should have known better.................

There was great excitement in our household this morning, Ben lost a tooth through the night. So we found a glass to put the tooth in. Ben was happy, Jacinda was happy & excitingly wriggling all her teeth to see if they were loose. Got the kids onto the school bus & all in all it wasn't shaping up to be a bad day at all.

I SHOULD OF KNOWN BETTER..............................

Kids got home & Ben was in a filthy mood about not getting a turn on the computer at school, so we all suffered. I helped Jacinda with her homework to which she told me " I am not dumb you know." So I planned an early dinner & the thought of the kids bedtime put forward early was sounding damned fine.


I know that there is never 5 minutes peace in this house, so why on earth didn't alarms sound when I couldn't here Ben & Jacinda? Why on earth did I give over to blind faith? Why did I not investigate sooner? Why, oh why, was I on a cloud of smugness? Jacinda decided that in preparation for the tooth Fairy, Ben's tooth should be clean, so that it was all sparkly & shiny. Ben's tooth is now down the drain, both kids are crying & I keep thinking I should of known better.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

My life in the freak show

Netts & the damned button

Ok so you all know how i got here ( yes THE DARE ). What i didnt explain to you was that Netts started this whole thing by signing up for the knitters olympics. Apparently if you sign up for this you got a blog button. Netts had no idea what a blog button was but hey, she wanted one. So there i was felling really smug that i had started a blog ( i am very computer illiterate ) chatting away to Netts on messenger when she started to wail

" I cant get the button"

"What button"

"The blog button"


Remember i said that i was feeling rather smug? Well i asked Netts if she wanted me to have a go. Her answer was hysterically funny & totally unprintable.

"Netts, why dont you wait for the nice lady to send you the button?'

" I want the button now!"

" Netts i have a whole tin of buttons here that i will gladly send to you"

"It's not that sort of button"

Why do I try & help?

I ended up going to bed at some ridiculous time & Netts was still searching for her button...........wonder if she has found it.......

How i got here

Would you believe that i am here because of a dare? Mucking around, talking to my best friend on messenger ( she was silly enough to double dare me) & here i am. My life is truly like living in a freak show, honest. I have a hubby, a son & a daughter, & get this, my Mother in law lives in the next street (Any "Everyone loves Raymond" fans out there? You get the idea) I have an amazing friend who is my stitching buddy, in fact i have a couple of really cool friends & between us all IT IS A FREAKSHOW! I also own a British Bulldog, ( Chomper ) that i am breeding (should provide hours of entertainment for you guys & send me around the twist) I will keep you updated.